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Visual Analysis

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  • on December 6, 2011
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Everyday advancements are made in   visual technology which are breath- taking and even now, have the ability to make us feel like we are there ourselves. With the release of LED and LCD television our cinematic experiences have become much more enjoyable; but what about those of us who are unable to enjoy these luxuries. Unfortunately due to careers and other distractions we are unable experience the enjoyment that emerges from these advancements, and only young-adults and the people who aren't in need of employment can enjoy them. Although with Apple and their release of the I-Phone the nearly real experience is now only “one touch away.”
For years Apple has come out with outstanding products but with the release of the I-Phone the experience is now on the palm of your hands joined with a cellular device, and many other apps. In this advertisement Apple shows a giant finger impeding on a soccer game in which truly meaningful. It symbolizes an enormous and extensive power within your grasp.
With such enormous power the way Apple advertises the I-Phone also displays its ability to reaches out to all age groups. It is commonly known that sports have the ability to raise excitement   in us no matter how old we are. No matter the level of intensity that you feel from watching the sport the I-Phone captures that feeling and with it your able to feel the same enjoyment that you would at home. Also for older-age groups it has the ability to arise a feeling within them that makes them feel young again. When they see the middle-aged men within the advertisement, it can reach out to memories of their more youthful years and therefore give them a sense of appeasement. From a young adult or teenagers point of view this advertisement has the power to reach out to their dreams. A teenagers most favorite players and role models, within the power of their hands, inspiring them wherever they may be.
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