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Visual Rep Essay

  • Submitted by: rianna1
  • on February 27, 2011
  • Category: English
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The topic I choose for my visual representation is men vs. wild. I choose this because I wonted to show to people what dangers there is in the wild, how people survive and the weather.
The features I used are a blue and green cardboard because the blue represents men and the green represents wild, down the bottom on the green side there's a desert and a forest they represent that in the wild u can come across a desert or a forest and above that is a black border which represents that there is death in a desert or forest. then above that there is a snow flake and an ocean with a red arrow on it the snowflake is represent how cold it can get in the wild, and the ocean with the red arrow represents a current the red arrow represents that it is dangerous. Then I have a caution sign which represents dangerous thing are in the wild, then I have a crocodile, red back spider, scorpion and a snake these animals represent the dangerous type of animals you get in the wild. Above the animals there is a sun and next to the current there is rain which is to represent the weather conditions I also used deadly plants under the caution sign to show what dangers there can be, next to that is a boxing glove to show to show versing between men vs. wild. On the blue side I have used a camping bag on the left corner next to that is a knife next to the knife is a flint and a men spear fishing these are to represent tools you need. Underneath the bag is a men working out to represent the skills you need, next to that is a cartoon guy he is to represent the knowledge you need, next to that is a men with boxing gloves to represent men vs. Wild, under the fit men there is bear gryll to represent the clothing you need, next to that he is again to show what clothes to wear on colder condition. Under bear gryll there is tree sap, mud, witchetty grub, leaves, berries, water stream, different berries and fish to represent what nature can give to help you survive. I got these ideas from a show we...

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