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Vote or Die Essay

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Vote or Die. These were the words that echoed around the nation in the last presidential election. The words were meant to be an instigator among young people and motivate them to vote. Politics are very important, especially now when there are so many controversial issues being discussed and decided that have a direct effect on all our lives, and is the reason why young adults from the ages of 18 to 35 should vote.
There are three main reasons why young voters should vote. First, your vote actually does matter and is your civic duty. Second, politicians will pay attention to what you have to say more. Third, It is important to choose a candidate that reflects your values.
To Many people the question seems to be why they should care about voting. Most people just worry about what happens in their lives instead of in the nation at large, or assume that the people who do vote reflect the entire country's beliefs even if they do not reflect theirs. They may hear about a poll or two that professes to represent the general public, and assume that when election time rolls around the election results will not be too different from the polls and, therefore, why waste their times voting. Polling committees often state that the polls represent the general public, and so young voters assume that when election time rolls around, the election results will not be too different from the polls and, therefore, why waste their times voting. Polls have a great deal of influence over the general population voting patterns. However elections are not polls
Elections are the only way a person can get his or her say in who is voted to public office. Although many young people may seem to think that it doesn't matter if they vote, they are being shortsighted if they do not realize that voting really does matter in more ways than just electing people to govern. According to Roy Texera: "As long as young people have low rates of participation in the electoral process, then they can...

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