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This paper proposes a novel technique to generate an irrevocable cryptographic key from the biometric template. The biometric trait considered here is the palm vein. The technique proposed here utilizes the minutiae features extracted from the pattern generated.
The features include bifurcation points and ending points. Since other cryptographic keys are probable to theft or guess, keys generated from the biometric entity are more preferable as these biometric keys are attached with the user. Minutiae patterns generated from the palm vein are converted to cancelable templates which in turn are used for irrevocable key generation.
This paper discusses an effective method in generating a irrevocable key from cancelable palm vein template .Since if an individual has registered his profile in his childhood, it'll still be recognized as he grows, as an individual's patterns of veins are established in Utero (before birth) and No two people in the world share a palm vein pattern - even those of identical twins differs it is specified as much reliable.
The discussion also proceeds from the pre-processing steps of palm vein feature extraction till the generation of key. The features of Palm vein extracted are basically Minutiae points like bifurcations and edges. These minutiae points are extracted using the methods discussed. Then an irrevocable key is generated from the cancelable palm vein template using the proposed method.
This paper is organized as follows:
1) Firstly, Gives a brief introduction to palm vein recognition technology.
2) Describes the approach to extract minor points from the Palm vein image.
3) The cancelable palm vein generation from the minor points is discussed.
4) Generation of irrevocable key from the cancelable palm vein template.
5) Describes the experimental results and conclusions.


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In this paper, author explains about the cryptosystem from palm vein...

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  • on March 2, 2011
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