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Walt Whitman Essay

  • Submitted by: englishman
  • on December 11, 2008
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Hector Hurtado                 12/10/08           Per. English   Poetry Portfolio

Whitman Persuasive Essay

Walt Whitman was one of America’s greatest poets that ever lived. He was clearly one of the most influential poets the United States has ever produced. Whitman received his claim to fame writing about the simple things in life in the early 1800’s. And about his country and its traditions. But, imagine if Walt Whitman were alive today, what would he say about our country now? A lot has changed since Whitman’s time , in our country like our values and life goals.
First of all Whitman was not like any other poets of his time. Whitman used his poetry to convey his passionate belief in democracy, equality, and the spiritual unity of all forms of life, he celebrated the potential of the human spirit. He chose to write about America’s simplistic way of life in the early to mid 1800’s. So I think it’s safe to say that he was a naturist and in a way a Transcendentalist. So basically, he wrote about America’s early simple way of life, and in a way he created his own way or form of simple poetry.  
When Whitman was in his prime, America was at the dawning of the Industrial age. This is when America was building all sorts of mass factories and getting into new technologies to build mass profit off of our country’s resources. Whitman was fond of the early American way of life, but would his attitudes change if he was alive today? Today our country is a very place now, would he change his feelings towards his country?   I personally think it would, Whitman loved the early simple days of America. And today he would say his country is not remembering the old traditional days.
If Walt Whitman saw all of this greed, pride, and corruption in our country’s industry, he would definitely be sad and let down. Many would now say that greed and money now runs this country. Those good simple days, where a man puts in a good hard days...

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