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War of 1812 Essay

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The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain between 1812 and 1815. It can be termed a peculiar conflict due to the fact that it was unnecessary and was at the same time, an extremely bold and risky move for the States to make. During this period, the country was led by President James Madison, who was more a man of brilliant ideas than a decisive and dominant leader. Of the many problems faced by the US during the time, the main causes of the war included tense relations with Great Britain with regard to issues such as the impressment of US citizens to join the Royal Navy, the incitement of Native Americans to form a confederacy, and naval blockades. Many great battles were fought during this war including the Battle of Chesapeake Bay, the Battle of New Orleans and the Battle of Fort McHenry that produced the "Star Spangled Banner". While the US believed that it could easily win the war, in reality, it suffered from various weaknesses that had existed since the days of the Revolution. Its regular army consisted of only 7000 men and enlistments were slow. While they possessed 16 modern frigates, these were outnumbered by the British navy which was comprised of 97 vessels. It was hardly an intimidating force. In modern times however, the United States army carries a reputation of excellence and discipline, and is respected the world around. It is sized around 1,055,000 men with hundreds of ships and aircraft and is a force to be reckoned with. The power of a nation's armed forces, however, is not the only point to consider when it comes to waging a war. Generally, the United States (and any other country for that matter) is justified in declaring war if it is directly threatened by another nation. So, logically speaking, the Americans were not justified in declaring war on Great Britain in 1812.
Though, in retrospect, it may seem like a good decision, the declaration of war had hardly any solid basis. It was an impulsive decision which was...

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