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War of 1812 Essay

  • Submitted by: nschycker
  • on December 10, 2008
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The War of 1812 was a war that was fueled by a stubborn Monarch. During Napoleonic wartime Napoleon had sought to seize trade and neutral countries from trading with Britain. This attempt to seize ships from trading with Britain sparked a number of invasions and attacks throughout the United States from 1812 up until mid 1814.
In the midst of the Napoleonic wars Napoleon had forbid neutral ships from trading with Britain. With this order in place, Britain then responded with harsh actions in seizing the cargos of American ships, on top of the theft of the cargo, Britain then forced over five thousand American soldiers to serve in the British Royal Navy. Henry Clay along with the War hawks responded to this outrage with the only reasonable choice in their eyes being war. Clay convinced Congress to declare war on Britain in June of 1812. Four days later, the British suspended the order. The only reason the war continued was because Britain refused and did not want to withdrawal on the principle of impressment.
Both the U.S. and Britain were unprepared for the war with both sides having little amounts of troops. The United States thought it would be an easy victory, but the problem was even though the Republicans backed the war, not one federalist did. The south and west were for the war, but New England was not. President Madison attempted to gather the New England militia to go invade Canada, but they refused to fight in the war. New England states never really entered the war and actually still continued to trade with Britain and Canada.
Neither side throughout the war did well. President Madison in his attempt to gather troops to invade Canada failed twice on the invasion. In 1813 General Harrison secured the Great Lakes and the northwest through the battle of Thames. Although by 1813 the United States had captured thirteen hundred ships, the British Royal Navy had a complete blockade surrounding the U.S. coasts. In 1814 after the Napoleonic wars, the...

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