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War 911 Essay

  • Submitted by: jagajatt
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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The tragedies of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 affected people in many different ways. For me, it was a time of wonder and worry. My Aunt lives right in Manhattan where the World Trade Center was attacked. For the first couple hours of the attack, we did not hear from her. I went to visit my mom in Des Moines and my Aunt finally emailed her at school. She was not able to use telephones or her cell phone, so email was the only way to keep in contact with her. She was not able to get home till later that night, because the police would not let her across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, ten days 14 days later, we got a call from her asking us to buy her a gas mask. She said it is absolutely horrible smelling because of all the dust and 6,000 rotting bodies.

Another way it affected me personally was it was my moms 50th birthday on the 11th, thats why I went to visit her. My sister was supposed to fly up from Texas on the 14th and surprise her on the 15th with a limo and dinner for her birthday. Well, they had found two people in Dallas connected wit h the whole ordeal and there were thoughts of another attack that weekend, so we had to cancel our plans and tell my mom. This had all been planned for months. Also, my brothers Homecoming football game was cancelled that Friday night and rescheduled for the next Monday. It could still be played, but being the homecoming game, it wasnt the same to have it after the dance, on a Monday, not a Friday, and in the middle of the week. Now I realize that this doesnt even compare to what the families of the victims and the surviving victims have experienced, but it was how it affected me thousands of miles away.

Having had someone there and worrying about them makes you want to have our armies go over to Afghanistan and attack them just like they attacked us. At first I wanted their entire country to feel like we feel and have lost so many people. I wanted revenge like never before. They could have killed one of my family...

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