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War in Iraq Essay

  • Submitted by: Mike981
  • on December 12, 2008
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The War in Iraq

Isn’t it interesting how the media portraits the war in Iraq?   It’s always the negative points and never the good ones.   There is so much disbelief and lying about our military and government that it is disgusting!   Everyone believes that this war is pointless and stupid, however it needed to be done to make an example! The United States is the strongest government in the world and the media puts it down so very hard. It has gotten to the point where everything that you hear on the news and proclaimed by the media is in a negative manner.   The media is hiding the good points of the story just to make an interesting story about the bad.   It makes me sick! Now to hear about the hidden points of the war in Iraq I will explain them and prove how the media puts down this great uplifting story.  
There are many statistics about the Iraq war that are very beneficial to the Iraqi people.   Since the start of the invasion of Iraq, over three and one half million children of have received immunizations that they never had before. That is a rough estimate, which is presumed to be lower than reality.   That is all thanks to the American tax dollars, and the soldiers able to give this medicine to the future of the Iraqi civilization.   The school attendance has risen over 80% total.   It breaks down to a little over 60% after the start of the war and 95% during the national school-testing week.   This coincides with the fact that every school day, seven thousand high school students drop out.   We can’t even better our own country, but the media won’t make a story about that.   All they want to show is the downside if this war.  
Along with the attendance rising very much, there were over 1,500 schools renovated in Iraq since the start of the war.   In America, we aren’t renovating any schools, we just close them down and condense.   That limits the amount of time a teacher has to help an individual student because they have to help the other thirty students in...

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