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War Within Essay

  • Submitted by: TrainingHard
  • on December 15, 2008
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There are times when love is misconstrued with infatuation. And in some instances inordinate affection could vanish in just a blink of an eye. The narrator in Fay Weldon’s INDAFF is a dynamic character due her life-altering realization – her epiphany.  
INDAFF is the account of a young woman who takes a vacation in Sarajevo with Peter, her college professor. The setting creates a tone of historic remorse. The narrator started out by describing that her tale is a miserable one due to the rain – they had expected better atmospheric conditions (Weldon 201). Along with history, the weather, in a sense, unpaved the way for the young woman. “Come all this way, and you can’t even see the footprints properly, just two undistinguished puddles.” (Weldon 202) In Sarajevo, the narrator goes over Princip’s footsteps before he notoriously instigated World War I by killing Franz Ferdinand. The short story was narrated through a first person point of view. It gives us great insight of the narrator’s excessive love for her professor; however, our understanding of Peter is limited by her perspective. According to the narrator, Peter, for over a year now, was in the midst of making a decision between his spouse and herself as his permanent life partner. To figure out if they were truly suited, that it was not merely a little fling, they had gone away for a holiday. Albeit Peter is married with three children and is almost twice her age, the narrator only sees his intelligence, elegance, and physical attractiveness. These qualities almost made her forget what she was there for in the first place – her academic ambition.
While waiting for their food at the restaurant, she asked Peter if Pricip caused the onset of World War I. Her professor disagreed and he had a great point. Europe, specifically in the Balkan Region, was resting on a tight string of ever growing political and economical instability. Great tension was continually building up. Nevertheless, war was still avoidable in...

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