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Warhammer Essay

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Academic Review

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning was released mid September of 2008. This game is a Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing-Game genre. When we look into this game on an academic sense, we can break it down into two crucial parts. One: how addictive can this game be? In other words, what captures the player and drags them into the “Magic Circle?” And two: does this game promote violence?
When we look at the well-known game, World of Warcraft, this game also has the same battle feel as Warhammer Online. You pick a race, then a class, and soon the battle begins. You have players all over the world behind their computer monitors all looking into the same world that your character interacts with. Warhammer Online is a big community of players that have been seduced into playing this game day and night. I feel that the most addicting and entertaining games are the ones that you play with other live players. You could either play with a friend or even better, thousands of friends. We the people are the ones that make the game for the other players. If it wasn’t for the other players online, you couldn’t play this game because you need certain assistance in certain parts of the game, that are only doable with the help of others. There are two factions within this game, one being Order and the other being Destruction. You choose a faction (Realm) and you can only communicate with the players on your same faction. And the other faction, are your enemies, who are also live players. If there wasn’t a community of players on the opposite side of your Realm, then in turn this game would be dull and there wouldn’t be the whole “War” aspect to it.
Let’s elaborate on the “War is everywhere” side. From the moment you touch your keyboard, you are infused into the Warhammer virtual world, containing an environment full of war and violence. When you enter into a Realm versus Realm (RVR) battleground, you are interacting with your other faction. Then, the only...

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