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Wars Essay

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  • on March 2, 2011
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Melissa & Brittany

Rodwell’s suicide
    • Rodwell is assigned with men whose morals and consciences have been broken by war

    • “he found them slaughtering rats and mice–burning them alive in their cooking fires”

    • “they’d forced him to watch the killing of a cat”

    • Rodwell wasn’t able to change his morals and character, war didn’t break him/ change his beliefs

    • Rodwell wasn’t content being passive while watching others (the animals) suffer, watching the men torture them

    • animal rights?

    • war affects everyone

    • his letter to his daughter urges her not to despair, but to have faith in life

    • killing of animals represent savageness in human, the innate evil

    • the animals slaughtered by the men can symbolize compassion and innocence

    • relates to Rowena – her rabbits are killed when she dies, Rodwell dies when his animals are killed

    • Rodwell’s suicide shows that not all deaths in war are caused by the enemy

    • can relate to Taffler’s attempted suicide; both men lose hope in humanity and feel they can no longer sustain the environment of war

    • the war doesn’t only affect soldiers physically, it can also take a toll on them psychologically

“The thing is not to make excuses for the way you behaved–not to take refuge in tragedy–but to clarify who you are through your response to when you lived. If you can’t do that, then you haven’t made your contribution to the future.” (Findley 101)
    • Said by Juliet D’Orsey in her transcript

    • She thinks every soldier has a choice, of giving in the atrocities of war, and the savageness within, or staying true to your character and morals

    • The true soldiers are those who despite horrific circumstances, do the right thing

    • she urges soldiers not to lose hope

    • soldiers shouldn’t blame their environment for the way they act

    • Mrs. Ross lost hope as a result of all the tragedy...

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