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Water Essay

  • Submitted by: colindorsey
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: English
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Colin Dorsey
Fotis-Smith English GP 10
Water: Thirst Quencher or Life Taker?
                              Water. Everyone knows what it is and everyone has tried it at least once in their life. Its
used for many things like taking a bath, swimming in for sport, and of course, to quench our thirst.
Although it is important to life it also can be the thing that takes it away. Most people are not aware of
the hidden dangers that H2O presents. Recent studies have shown that 10 in 100 people will eventually
die from the hidden toxin that is dihydrogen monoxide. Whether it’s by electrocution, drowning, or just
plain overuse, water can and most likely will end your life.
                            The most common form of death by water is probably electrocution. Many people
have heard stories of people dying in their bathtubs from some electronic item falling in and frying their
insides. Although many people have heard of this, most do not know how often this actually happens. A
recent list has been compiled showing what items will most likely cause your untimely death of bathtub
electrocution. Some of the top items on the list include straighteners, radios, and of course, toasters
More than 3000 people have died in this manner from hairdryers alone which placed third on the list.
Although electrocution is the most common form of death by the “universal solvent”, there is another
deadly form of deadly death that deathly water deals!
                            Drowning, although not as common as electrocution, occurs very often where water is
present. Drowning happens when water is sucked into your lungs causing them not to function properly.
“How exactly does a person drown?” you may be asking yourself. Well the answer is very simple: they
breathe. Yes, water can make the simplest and most important action of the human body become
extremely deadly. Harry Henderson of downtown L.A was recently enjoying a nice cool glass...

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