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Weakened By Society Essay

  • Submitted by: amarrizon
  • on February 24, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Weakened By Society" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hills Like White Elephants

Title: The title of this story is very significant. It refers to the simile Jig made comparing the near hills to white elephants. In this fraise, the reader can get a hint of what the story is about. “Hill” is often used to refer to a geologic formation, in this case it refers to Jig’s unplanned pregnancy. “White Elephants”, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a white elephant has a more figurative meaning: "A burdensome or costly possession, once again making reference to the pregnancy.

Author: Ernest Hemingway was born in Illinois. During World War I he served in the Ambulance Corps in France, where he was wounded. He makes use of various speeches of his characters in this story to enable the reader to identify the spears and to follow interest about the topic of concern

Exposition: On a hot day at a train station in Spain near Barcelona, a man and a woman sit at a table preparing to order some drinks, there, they start a discussion about their future.


          Jig: Protagonist. Female character that accompanies the American man. She struggles to make a decision whether to have the operation or not.

          The American: Male protagonist of the story. His name is never revealed. He is determined to convince the girl to have the operation but tries to appear as though he doesn’t care what she does.

The Bartender: Stereotype. The woman serving the drinks to the American man and the girl.

Point of View: Third person limited

Rising Action: The start of the discussion among the American man and the girl.

Conflict: Making a choice whether Jig should have the operation done or not.

Crisis: The American man tries to persuade the girl to have the operation, but she is not sure how this will affect her and their relationship.

Climax: Jig ends the conversation, saying, “would you please, please, plase… stop talking”

Denouement: The America man leaves the table to take the bags over...

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