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Web Review

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Having researched the site http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/programmes/tv/state_planet/ , I find that it provides a variety of information in relation to the science and nature of our planet. The webpage mainly focuses on the causes of damage to the nature world and the methods to prevent environmental threats. The BBC, as producer of this website, points out five separate elements destroying our environment: pollution, habitat loses, overharvesting, fragmentation and introduced species, which are regarded as the consequences of over population and over consumption. The intended audiences of this website are students and scientists who are interested in environmental issues. In general, the site is considerably successful in delivering the major focus and thus first time visitors can easily obtain the useful information in the aspect of environmental areas.
BBC science and nature department produces the site. Since it is a well-known company with various famous specialists, the information provided is sufficient. The producers are rich experienced in this area and also have a variety of access to numerous resources, so the accuracy of the information included is high.
The site utilises a formal textual format with clear structure.   Besides, a full scope of links, such as Wild China and Spy in the Jungle, are available and accessible on the left margin of the page, under which the large amount of information is presented to fulfil the readers’ search fields. In addition, the page demonstrates an easy access for readers to navigate since it is neatly designed with photos and different articles are clearly laid out.   Furthermore, the black and red colour scheme as well as the general design of the page is appealing, this creates a comfortable environment for readers to do their researches.
In general, since the website contains much useful information, it provides readers a full scope of resources based on environmental issues. For example, after researching the...

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