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Weimar Opposition Essay

  • Submitted by: tash1986
  • on December 5, 2011
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Right Wing Opposition to the Weimar Republic.

  1) The key point is the depth and range of the opposition. It was varied and wide for a democratic country such as Germany. There was right wing opposition within the Reichstag, but there was also a lot of extra-parliamentary (outside the Reichstag) opposition.

  2) There was also a lot of opposition within the Army, which contained right-wingers who hated all that Weimar stood for. In addition, the Civil Service and the State Bureaucracy had strong right wing beliefs.

  3) Right wing paramilitary groups grew in number at this time. Groups such as the Freikorps did not accept Germany’s defeat in World War One or the Versailles Treaty. Between 1918-22 there were over 400 political murders, which highlights just how unstable Germany was during this period.

  4) The first nationalist and right wing party was the DNVP, which was formed in 1918 and emerged from an organisation called the Pan-German League. Elements of racism were a common feature in such parties.

  5) Until 1923, the DNVP did not seek election to the Reichstag. However, after 1924 it became prepared to take part in elections with the aim of eventually winning power in Germany. This was especially the case after the failure of the Kapp and Munich Putsches. Up to 1928 the DNVP was the main right wing party.

  6) From 1928 the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZIS) became the main political party on the right. The Nazis appealed to both workers and nationalists. The party was founded in 1919. Hitler joined the party almost by accident and soon took over as party leader. The party’s strength was mostly in the south and especially around Munich. After the failure of the Munich Putsch in 1923, Hitler decided that the Nazi Party should aim to win power legally. Between 1924 and 1928 Hitler began to recreate the party from a local base. After his term in prison, he was banned from speaking publicly but the party still grew in...

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