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Welfare Essay

  • Submitted by: georgejo
  • on December 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Welfare" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Welfare Reform…A Crutch in America's Economy

"Michelle Gordon was 30, a poor, single mother with four kids between five and thirteen, when the government decided in 1996 that parents on welfare should go to work." (Wolf, 1) She was not prepared for such a drastic change. This new decision caught many Americans, such as Gordon, off guard. She's had trouble finding work and her family life can easily be described as unstable. On the other side of the Spectrum, "Mary Bradford was 45 in 1996 with three children between eleven and twenty-five, when she traded welfare for job filling orders…ten years later she's a production supervisor and her earnings have more than doubled from the amount in 1996." (Wolf, 2) The welfare system is only beneficial if used correctly and not abused. When it comes to the welfare reform in America, there is a thin line between embracing and crippling.

Every time I watch television, I see a commercial of little children in foreign countries who have been abandoned or are left behind by the death of their parents. These children all seem to have the same appearance, dirty, mistreated and starving; not only for food but for love as well. I always ask myself, why don't I ever see these types of commercials for kids in America? Surely there must be some, somewhere. truth is, there are kids in America like that, but they're already being helped, by the welfare system. This system gives money   as well as food stamp currency to families such as the ones on TV so that they may be able to live a fair life
and by essentials like clothing and home necessities and may even eat out occasionally.   "Welfare has aided the system because some families don't have money and the parents don't have jobs that would help them provide for their family." (Warner, 5)   Welfare helps to better the household. "With the welfare reform, families are no longer burdened with the financial stress." (9) Underprivileged families are able to live normal lives with the...

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