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Welfare Issues In Canada Essay

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In the present economic situation, a lot of people are preoccupied about their jobs, but what about people on welfare? In Tim Delvin’s article “Does Working for Welfare Work”, the focus is on a program made by the government of Alberta to reduce the number of people on welfare by making them work for the government. He interviews some people who have participated in the program, and almost all of them agree that is it a catch. What are the two sides of the coin?

When we think about welfare, the first thing that comes in mind is pretty much a filthy guy sitting on a couch drinking beer. What we forget about is that this guy may have a wife and children too. Children are the ones who are going to take over the society of tomorrow and what the government should do is to take in hand those families to make sure that those kids will be able to contribute to society in the future instead of becoming welfare dependant like their parents. In Canada, 500000 children live in a family on welfare.

Believe it or not, but a study by a researcher named K. Boessenkool has shown that the reform of welfare that began in 1993 in Alberta is a success. Yet, Boessenkool (1997) state in the middle of his paper that “the Alberta model is not necessarily one that should be copied” (p. 1).

What kind of logic is that? In the opposite way, it is like saying that democracy is the best thing that can happen to a country, but it should not be adopted in every country.

Also, it is irritating to know that the government does not pay for medication of those who are trying to disentangle from the welfare and contribute to the society again. What is the most important thing, giving a person the chance of contributing to the society again by paying their medication even if they work at minimum wage, or keep them on welfare and pay their medication but as soon as they find a job stop paying their medicine? By doing this they are sending the wrong message. According to CBC/SRC news,...

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