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western colonization Essay

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  • on February 4, 2009
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Below is an essay on "western colonization" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Congo Belgian Colony 1908-1960.
Aden British Protectorates gained 1839-91 lost 1967-71.
Bahamas British Colony 1629-1973.
Belize British Colony 1798-1981.
British British Possession 1713-Present.
Ceylon British Colony 1795-1948.
Cyprus British Colony 1878-1960.
East Africa British Colonies gained 1806-1898 lost 1910-1965.
Falklands British Colony 1833-Present.
Fiji British Colony 1874-1970.
Gambia British Colony 1824-1965.
Ghana British Colony 1901-1957.
Guyana British Colony 1814-1966.
India British Colony gained 1763-1913 lost 1947 1948.
Jamaica British Colony 1670-1962.
Kuwait British Protectorate 1899-1961.
Labrador British Colony 1870-1949.
Malaya British Colony 1824-1957.
Mauritius British Colony 1810-1968.
Nigeria British Colony 1861-1960.
Oman British Protectorates gained 1839-91 lost 1967-71. Bu Said Dynasty c1754-Present.
Palestine British Colony 1932-1946.
S Georgia British Colony 1775-Present.
Sarawak British Colony 1841-1963.
Sierra Leone British Colony 1787-1961.
Socotra British Colony 1886-1967.
Solomons British Colony 1893-1978.
Somalia North British Colony 1884-1960.
Swazi British Colony 1910-1968.
Trinidad British Colony 1802-1962.
Vanuatu British Colony 1906-1980.
Xianggang British Territory 1898-1997.
Zlesotho British Colony 1910-1966.
Greenland Danish Colony 1721-Present.
Iceland Danish Territory 1380-1944.
Caledonia French Colony 1853-Present.
Corsica French Territory 1768-Present.
Djibouti French Colony 1888-1977.
Guadeloupe French Colony 1635-Present.
Guyane French Colony 1750-Present.
Indochina French Colony gained 1863-1893 lost 1953 1954.
Kerguelen French Colony 1893-Present.
Leizhou French Territory 1898-1946.
Madagascar French Colony 1896-1960.
Martinique French Colony 1635-Present.
Syria French Colony 1918-1944.
Tahiti French Colony 1880-Present.
West Africa French Colonies gained 1626-1914 lost 1958-1962.

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