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Wham Bam Buy A Vw Mam Essay

  • Submitted by: sleach2010
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: English
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Shawn Leach
Professor Coleman
English 1301.174
January 27, 2011
Wham! Bam! Buy a VW, Ma’am!
Stevenson’s overall judgment of the advertisements for these Volkswagen Jetta’s is that he likes the ads because of the fact that they depict real life events in real life time and not slow motion. He also includes a scene from the Steven Soderbergh movie Erin Brockovich in which Stevenson says “we see Julia Robert’s car get violently crunched as is rolls through an intersection.” Yet at the end of the article he closes by saying that he gives the ads a grade of a B. He states “I’m not sure Jetta’s target demo can be convinced about safety. But I’m thoroughly convinced that these ads will haunt there dreams and keep the Volkswagen brand at the front of their thoughts.
Stevenson uses a few different criteria’s to make his judgments; for instance in the beginning of the article he is referring to a crash where an SUV runs a red light and enters the jetta without permission. He also includes the review of why Volkswagen made the safety campaign they did and he received this information from the general manager for creative content at Volkswagen. He also states that he has been receiving posttraumatic emails from readers on his blog. In Stevenson’s argument as I previously stated before he has been receiving posttraumatic emails from readers about these Volkswagen ads and about how the ads are put together. For Stevenson’s essay I believe that his intended article was probably around the age group that Volkswagen set these ads up for to depict to them how safe the cars are. The age group Volkswagen was aiming the ads at was the age group eighteen years old to thirty four years old. I also think that Stevenson may have been giving his piece of mind to the makers of these ads.

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