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Many emotional breakdowns in school and in other places result due to the lack of self-discipline, in my opinion. As time goes by, the ability to motivate yourself to accomplish something can expedite or hinder the life one wants to live for themselves.

I discovered an article about self-discipline and it clarifies what is needed with its five pillars of motivation: Acceptance, Will Power, Hard Work, Industry, and Persistence. It spells out the acronym “A WHIP,” as to whip somebody into shape. Although this acronym seems like torture and punishment, I see it as quite the opposite. In my opinion, torture and punishment do not lead to success down the road. If this is torture or punishment, then your life will end very soon because you will always lack self-discipline. I see this acronym as one that will motivate a person to become a better person.

The first two of the five pillars deal with one’s ability to express oneself. One must accept what they have in life, but they must also have the ability to stand up for themselves. This is like a balance beam that cannot lean towards either side. The substances (pillars) must be balanced. I understand that it is very difficult for some people, but it is not very hard to balance this. If one can have many experiences in life, it is easy because the balance beam is part of everyday life. If this balance beam can make or break one’s ability to motivate themselves in school, and in life.

The other three pillars deal with one’s work ethic. In school, teachers always say that hard work is the key to success. Well, in my opinion, that is completely off the mark. Efficient work is the key to success. Some people study for hours very often, but it doesn’t pay off in the end due to their lack of efficiency. Hard work is overemphasized because hours do not necessarily result in success. It is better to work for ten minutes efficiently than to work for two hours inefficiently. And the...

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