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What Is Hypnosis Essay

  • Submitted by: virginie
  • on February 28, 2011
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Hypnosis can be affiliated as a type of trance that can be self initiated or induced by one to another.

To many people the word hypnosis will only be related with “stage shows” known as “stage hypnosis” where the participant became completely under the power of the hypnotist. It is hard to believe that these shows are totally real as: “you cannot hypnotise someone if they have not at some level agreed to be hypnotised” (ref: Hidden Depths).

To be able to understand modern hypnosis we have to look back to its history and trace its origins.
In the book Hidden Depths, Mr Waterfield tells us that hypnosis can be traced back to 3000BC, in many different cultures including ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Indian, the Middle East, African and Australian. Unfortunately we have very poor documentation to prove that the ancient world really used hypnosis.

The real Grandfather of our modern hypnosis of nowdays is Franz Anton Mesmer born in Iznang which is now part of Germany in 1734. He studied theology, music and even law for a year before changing to medicine. He graduated on the 20th of November 1765 from the medical school of Vienna by writing a dissertation on: “Influxu planetarium in corpus humanun”. In the early 1770 Mesmer was strongly influenced by father Maximillian Hell who was healing with magnets.
Mesmer worked extensively in Vienna; he believed there was a “Subtle Fluid” that made up the universe including the human body. He arrived at the conclusion; when a person fell ill physically or emotionally it was due to end by rebalancing their “Subtle Fluid”.(Ref: Hidden Depths)

Mesmer used “magnets” to manipulate the fluid and “magnetise” his patients.
He started his healing sessions individually and then progressed to group sessions. Mesmer came to believe that the magnets were actually unnecessary, that he himself was a particular channel for the magnetic fluid. From this point he started using his hands. In the late 1776 the parents of Maria Theresa...

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