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What Is Leadership? Essay

  • Submitted by: mmills2
  • on December 5, 2011
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What is Leadership?

11:00 a.m rolls around and my friends and I take our time to get to the furthest classroom from the cafeteria. Walking ten minutes late into class, Mrs. Q, our English teacher, is sitting at her desk drinking a Dr. Pepper and eating candy. It is hard to tell that she is even in the room because my classmates are going crazy. Some students are playing games on the white board while others are texting or playing Words with Friends on their cell phone. This particular day we are supposed to have a test, but it does not look promising. Finally, at 11:30, Mrs. Q informs us that she was too lazy to walk up to the printer to grab our tests so we will have a free day. This was a typical day in my high school senior English class at Central Arkansas Christian. The class was fun because hardly any work was required, but I learned nothing over the course of the year. In the classroom, for students to be attentive and learn something, an active leader must be present.   A leader must be present in the classroom, gym, or work place by taking responsibility, completing tasks, and communicating well with subordinates.  
In his August 2003 Fire Engineering article “What Good Leaders Do,” John M. Buckman describes the qualities of what it takes to be a successful leader. “Leadership is one of the most difficult personality traits to define and explain but it is also one of the most beautiful acts to watch” (Buckman 132). In the quote by Buckman, he is saying that leadership is a word that can mean many different things to a person (131). For a person to be considered a good leader in my eyes, they should take responsibility, be able to get things done, and be a good communicator. Leaders can have a variety of background and knowledge but do not possess qualities to get the job done. In my involvement with teachers, coaches, and bosses two main categories that a leader falls into are: a likable person but an ineffective leader or an unlikable person but an...

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