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What Is Science Essay

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What is Science?
The question   “What is Science?” is not a really difficult question. Neither does it have a clear definitive answer. Science is a word for all human knowledge, and the gaining of new knowledge. The word science comes from the Latin word “scientia” which means knowledge. Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. The term science also refers to the organized body of knowledge people have gained using that system. Less formally, the word science often describes any systematic field of study or the knowledge gained from it.

You can divide science is in 2 major lines:    
- Natural sciences, the study of the natural world, and
- Social sciences, the systematic study of human behavior and society.

You can divide Science into several fields of science:
• Biology; for example Anatomy
• Chemistry;
• Physics; for example Astronomy & nuclear physics.
• Earth Science;   for example Geology & Geography

Some famous scientists are:
• Plato; (± 428/427 B.C. - 347 B.C.) He was a Greek philosopher. He is famous because of his study, with which he became the patriarch of the philosophic idealism.
• Aristoteles; (384 B.C. - 322 B.C.) He was a Greek philosophers as well. Together with Plato, he is considered to be one of the most impressive classic philosoffers in the western world.
• Leonardo Da Vinci; (15th of April 1452 – 2nd May 1519) He was a famous Italian architect, inventor, engineer, philosopher, physicist, scientist, sculptor, painter & a composer from the Renaissance. He is seen as thé example for school of the Renaissance ideal: uomo universal & a genius.
• Dmitry Mendelejev; (8th of February 1834 – 2nd of February 1907) Dmitri Ivanovitsj Mendelejev was a Russian Scientist who is the founder of the periodic table. Up to now, we have discovered 118 elements.
Periodic table

• Einstein; (14th of March 1879 – 18th of April 1955) Albert...

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