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What We Buy Essay

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  • on October 29, 2009
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What We Buy

“What we Buy” is a movie based on experiments documented about the way people shop. In the start of the movie they were analyzing the way people shop when they go into a supermarket. Throughout a supermarket, there are many vibrant colors and the shelves are stocked wisely. The way shelves are stocked play a major role in the way people find items in the supermarket. In one supermarket, they placed a few beers on a top shelf in a cereal aisle and it sat unnoticed as shoppers picked up cereals around it. When asked after they checked out, every shopper stated that they were unaware of the beers that were there. It is vey important that items are placed correctly in a supermarket because the markets for beer drinkers are not going to be looking in the cereal aisle for beer.

The film also illustrates a young teenager and a young woman that are very frequent shoppers. This young teenager is only thirteen years old and has the need to go shopping almost every weekend, and the young lady is grown but has an addiction to a specific designer named Chloe. Both the teenager and the young woman both share a unique lifestyle. The woman is capable of balancing her income to uphold her shopping needs. She purchases these items seasons ahead of when regular people does. Her reason of purchase is to make herself happy and to have nice clothes before everyone else can buy them. She has a very good relationship with the people who works at the store, the call her to let her know when new merchandise has arrived and she goes to the store immediately after she’s aware that new things are in stock. In the case of the teenager, she has no worries because she has no source of income and she doesn’t have to pay for anything she wants, she simply brings it to her mother and she buys it. She lives a stress free lifestyle where she has to worry about nothing at all.

According to chapter 8, both psychological and situational influences are major...

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