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When it comes to file sharing and CD burning, I myself personally do it with my own CD’s .   I also copy my friends music off of their laptops.   Do I think it is wrong in a sense no. Does it bother me not really.   I have never really thought about the legal ramifications of   burning CD’s especially when the info sector makes it easy to copy all music ever made.   I mean if the music industry does not want people burnig music   shouldn’t they also take more precautionary steps when making CD’s. Every country doesn’t have copyright laws. While deployed to Iraq you could get any movie from the shops. Some of them where good copies some of poor quality.   When you look at the entire situation first came the ability to record with the VCR and tapedeck. I have recorded tapes from the radio many times while I was growing up. So why are they not sueing the people who made that possible. All I see is they should get with the times and make all sites sign an agreement. If they would look at the positive side of the situation they can monitor those sites and instead of suing them charge a hefty fee because they make money somehow. They should also keep a log on what is being downloaded. I have learned if you never come up with a solution what good are you doing in speaking up about the problem.
I have noticed that people will always go for what is free and will not worry about the law. Until they get caught or put in the spotlight. When I look back on the main question of this module I feel remorseful but at the sametime there is too much software being produced to make a hasty decision to stop it when you can improve it and make more money.   I have over the past some odd days acquired said music because it is there am I telling on myself no.   I have to ask you this one question would you still do it if there was no direct link to you are would you stop?

In conclusion, through long busy life I have recorded, burned downloaded, and shared a lot of music through friends and...

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