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A Whole New Word Essay

  • Submitted by: carlson3
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: English
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As a walk up to the brick building, a sense of nervousness fills my body.   I reach for the cold, metal door and strain to pull it open.   The aroma of an old building fills my nose.   As I continue upstairs books surround me.   Again, an uncomfortable feeling comes over me.   I force myself to continue.   When I see a cozy leather chair surrounded by magazines and a fireplace that appears to be brand new, I am instantly relieved.   I fall into the chair and finally begin to absorb the things around me.
I watch as the librarians stay hard at work, putting each book in it’s exact place on the tall, freshly stained shelves.   I stop to listen to the ever so quiet library.   I can pick out a few children downstairs, excited by all of the new books.   The faint sound of cars whizzing by on the highway reminds me again what it’s like to be in the outside world. As I look into the glowing flame of the fire, I begin to relax.  
I chomp on my spearmint gum without thinking about it.   A whiff of coffee comes over me and makes my mouth water.   Heat from the fireplace calms me even more.   I sink into the comfortable leather chair and get chills down my spine from the dead silence.   Breaking the silence is a quiet beep from the librarian’s computer as she checks out a book to an elderly lady.   The longer I sit in my safe haven, the more I begin to relax.   “This isn’t so bad,” I think to myself, “In fact, it’s quite relaxing.”  
In just a few minutes, this intimidating building has opened a million new doors.   What was there to be so nervous about? Why don’t people always try new things such as this?   A cry bursts out from the children’s floor interrupting my train of thought.   Soon I hear the big metal door with which I struggled to open gently shut.   The shrill of the baby fades into the outside world.   My mind starts to drift once more.  
“So many books…” I think to myself.  
As my eyes scanned the shelves around me I saw books of all sizes, colors, and types.   A whole...

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