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Will & Grace Essay

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  • on December 15, 2009
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People love to be entertained. It makes them feel comfortable, relaxed, amused and most of the time happy. For that purpose, they watch different types of TV genre such as reality TV, quizzes, talk shows or TV series. When it comes to the TV series, especially the sitcoms, the creators of sitcoms use anything in order to get one simple laugh from the viewer. They base their humorous situation in their show on every single existing stereotype, maybe because that is the easiest way for the audience to laugh and connect with the characters of their show. But the end does not justify the means. In this case the end is the number of audience, meaning that, and the creators do not bear in mind that in order to fulfill their goal they can hurt some of the society members. The images of gender, race, ethnicity and queer stereotype usually cause harm to many of these people. The main issue is whether the representation of the society members is accurate or is it just a fictional demonstration of how one capitalist society should look?
We have all witness the media representation of masculinity and femininity, black and white racial diversities, as well as the differences between rich and poor. In the last couple of decades the issue of sexuality and its representation is brought up. In many sitcoms, a gay man or a lesbian woman use to take small parts and most of the time a supporting or side character. This was until 1998 when, the most successful sitcom with a gay man as the leading character was broadcasted on NBC, Will & Grace (imdb.com, 1998). This sitcom is based on the friendship between Will who is a gay lawyer and Grace who is straight interior designer. The two side characters are Jack, who can be described as a gay ‘role model’ and Karen rich, selfish and most of the time drunk woman Grace’s assistant.   As mention above, most of the sitcoms are based on stereotypes; this sitcom is not an exception, although it deviates many of them. The representations of Will...

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