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Wilsons War Message Essay

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On April 2, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson presented his war message to congress. For three years, the United States had managed to remain neutral in World War I, which was destroying Western Europe. The president realized that in the months to come, there would be much hardship and many casualties, but knew that entering the war would be necessary in order to maintain peace and prosperity for the USA and other countries as well. Wilson was determined to fight for our country and defend those who cannot defend themselves.
Based on the interpretation of Wilson’s war message, we can see that our relationship with other nations that were attacking us and our allies was not very strong. He first brought to congress’ attention that the German Government had announced that it would begin using its u-boats to sink any vessel approaching the ports of Great Britain or any European Coast. US relations with Germany had deteriorated throughout the first 3 years of the war, especially as German submarines had torpedoed many American merchant vessels crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Wilson’s main concern was not that ships or any type of property were being damaged, but that innocent lives were being taken in these attacks by the Germans. Wilson announced that even though his previous thought was to remain in a neutral state, it had become apparent that this was no longer a practical strategy. He advised Congress to declare nothing less than war on Germany. The US was committed to destroy any country trying to harm our own.
Since The Great War, the US has fought many wars and battles. Over the course of time, I believe that the US continues to support the same relationship with nations as we did with Germany in WWI. A perfect example of our country defending innocent people in danger is World War II. After World War 1, the US was determined to avoid foreign entanglements. In the 1940s, however, the second worldwide conflict of the century ended the idea of...

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