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Windshield Survey Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Friedman Family Assessment
The family assessment I undertook has been performed over the last 4 weeks of study.   I have used the guide from Stanhope and Lancaster’s (2008) family assessment model (p.1096). My assessment will focus on the Mr. and Mrs. JF and SF family, and their two daughters, HF, age seventeen, and EF, age eighteen. I have interviewed each member individually, as well as in a family unit, though there was some difficulty interviewing JF later in the assessment as explained further on.
Family History and Development Stage
JF is a 42 year old Hispanic male, born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is husband and father. He works in the dairy industry, installing computerized milking systems. It was very difficult finding time to interview JF, as his schedule is intense and varies greatly, including a trip to a goat farm in Bermuda during my assessment. JF is the husband of SF, having been married for 20 years. JF is the financial supporter of the household at this time. He is slim and watches what he eats due to irritable bowel syndrome.
SF is the Hispanic wife and mother of the two children. SF is a homemaker, and has been for 20 years, but enjoys attending a gym for exercise, getting out to the book club, and shopping. She is 40 years old, born in New Jersey and is trim, but expressed concerns several times over her weight. She is primary caregiver to daughter HF and stated she is overwhelmed by the care she needs to coordinate for HF, brain-injured in a car accident that HF’s sister, EF was responsible for. SF was tearful several times in talking about her life.
HF is 17 years old, born in Lancaster, and a year ago was injured in a car accident, sustaining head injuries which left her partially paralyzed and blind in the right eye. She cannot communicate verbally, but uses an electronic communication board which allows her to communicate in words, and sometimes sentences. She is alert and oriented to person and...

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