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Wistleblowers Essay

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A current legal issue of today is the way Whistleblowers are treated. In the workplace Whistleblowers are passed over for jobs that they apply for due to the fact they don't put up with illegal activities at the work place. There are two great places on the Web to find information about whistleblowers, one is The National Whistleblower Center (National) and the other is Florida Whistle Blowers Lawyer (Ballman, 2008).
On The National Whistleblower Center webpage one will find a link that says “whistleblowers get help now” (National). From this page one can submit a confidential report, find an attorney, look up books pertaining to whistleblowers and read the frequently asked questions of this Website. There are also links to law libraries online as well as links to the rights of whistleblowers. One may also read about or meet other whistleblowers. There is also a link to access the whistleblower blogs from this site.
A little closer to home we find a link to the Florida Whistleblower Lawyer online (Ballman, 2008). This is a Florida attorney Donna M. Ballman’s business website; she has a very extensive site for whistleblower legal representation. There is a link to Florida’s Whistle Blower Act on the whistleblower page of the ballmanfirm.com website. Attorney Ballman vows to help whistleblowers and protect their reputation.
The legal issue is the protection of our whistleblowers from undue persecution of any type. If there were no whistleblowers I think that our government would try to do things that were not very legal or humane. The people of the United States of America would observe the greatest advantage if they protect the whistleblowers to the farthest reaches of the law.

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National Whistleblowers Center. Whistleblowers get help now. Retrieved on November...

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