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Woman To Child By Judith Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Woman to Child by Judith Wright

Judith Wright's Woman to Child was truly a heart touching poem. It was true to its title, it was true to a woman's feelings, and a woman's bond to her unborn child. The poem describes a woman's joy in a bearing her child. Judith described the feelings in four stages of her pregnancy, from conception to the birth of her child, as a pleasant experience.
“Where out of darkness rose the seed,”. Judith in my opinion is saying that she has made life, and   takes pride in her ability. The poet believes her ability to give birth is extraordinary. These feelings were expressed in the line, “Then all a world I made in me”. Just like most of the pregnant woman feel, the poet sees her unborn child as her world. This line could also mean that by creating life she is giving her child the world. The idea that to give life is to give the world is further expressed when she says, "all the world you hear and see   hung upon my dreaming blood".
        The next paragraph describes the beginning of pregnancy when the mother and child are in the first stages of their relationship. The poet feels a great sense of power in this new relationship, and she compares her creation to God's creation of the earth, "There moved the multitudinous stars,   and the coloured birds and fishes moved". These lines could also be describing great change that has occurred in the woman's life, a change so intense that her view on life has changed. Although she obviously cares for the child she is carrying, the relationship is not yet developed because she still feels somewhat unattached from the life inside her body. The fact that she feels the baby is still a stranger to her is expressed in the line, "and love that knew not its beloved". Maybe, she is saying she loves her unborn child, but their relationship isn't yet personal.
          The third paragraph describes a better developed relationship between the mother and her unborn child, or the end of the pregnancy....

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