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Women of Literature Essay

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During this English course, we have read several short stories, novels, and novellas. All of the texts have discussed women in one way or another and made them a big part of the story. Most of them showed the women to be the guides for other character’s lives, mostly men. Women are the ones who would have the ability to help push the men onto the proper life track. The women in “Pere Goriot” by Honore de Balzac where well respected women who were able to lead the men but had faults of their own. Women are considered to be gentle and know how to go about certain situations without making too much of a fuss about it, which is why they are a big part in these stories. In “The Rider of the White Horse” by Theodor Storm, Elke, the wife of the dikegrave, was a very gentle woman and just like other woman had a negative characteristic of her own. Knowing that women are gentle there are still exceptions for their gentleness as shown in “The Salt of the Earth” by Rebecca West with her character Alice. All of the women in these stories had a weakness along with their power which for some brought their life to sorrow. Women played a major role in all the texts which can be seen through their various strengths combined with their weaknesses along with what they were able to do to men‘s lives.

In “Pere Goriot” women are considered to be the cause of a man‘s success. Men belonging to the upper classes of Paris were constantly in search for the right woman. The right woman in Paris though is a woman who is in the upper class and is well respected. Madame de Beauseant points out that in Paris “you will never get on… without a woman to look after you. She must be young, and rich, and fashionable.” (82). This was one lesson she was teaching the main character, Eugene. If a man was with the right woman then he would be seen in the best circles of society. Luxury and comfort become a second nature to the man if he accomplished finding a good woman. Eugene found himself a woman by...

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