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Woodrow Wilson Essay

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  • on December 9, 2008
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Thomas Woodrow Wilson has been considered, and most likely always will be considered, one of America’s greatest and most highly educated presidents. He has played a role in the advancement in nearly all of the major areas of the United States’ economy and government including; trade, labor issues, tariffs, amendments, balancing the level of income, etc. He has been one of the most successful presidents when it comes to foreign policies, as he established America’s importance in the world.   Not only has he had successes in numerous political affairs, but he was also a truly brilliant man whom was a successful college professor and author before his years in the white house, most of his written pieces being on politic science and history.
Woodrow Wilson, who completely dropped his first name of Thomas, was born on December 28, 1856, in the small town of Staunton, Virginia. Less than a year later his family would move to Augusta, Georgia. As Wilson grew up near the end of the civil war he watched his father Reverend Joseph Ruggles Wilson, a minister or the First Presbyterian Church, serve as a chaplain for the Confederate Army; and his mother, Janet Woodrow Wilson, a nurse in the local church. When Wilson was young there was very little formal education because of the civil war and the beginning or reconstruction, so the only education he received was from his father. His father believed deeply in the thoughts of the southerners, and while young Woodrow Wilson was growing up he taught him the justifications of the South’s seccession, and emphasized on religion. While his mother was a devoted mother and loved her four children with all of her heart; Wilson even later described himself to be a “mama’s boy.” After the war ended his family moved to Willmington, North Carolina, in 1874.
Before entering politics, Woodrow was a highly educated scholar, professor, leader, and author and multiple universities. Although no one believed he could because he suffered from bad...

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