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Work-life issues Essay

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Touro University International
Steven D. Williams
MGT 511– Human Resources Management
Module 3 – SLP (Work Life Issues & U. S. Army)
Dr. Fandt

Work Life Issues & U. S. Army

I. Introduction
  The US Army deals with various work life issues on a daily basis.   Being a supervisor requires coping with single parents’ lifestyles, and Soldiers who are without Family Care Plans is an enormous challenge.   In this brief Session Long Project, I will describe how the US Army deals with Work/Life issues and identify an issue that is a personal struggle for me.   I will further explain what is done in the Army to assist Soldiers who are single parents and what I think should be implemented.

II.   Body
The U.S. Army has an obligation to ensure all Soldiers needs are met, regardless if they have families or not.   Many times Soldiers are chaptered (released) from the Army due to Pregnancy and later are not able to care for the child.   Commanders must ensure that Pregnant Soldiers are identified and counseled using DA Form 5304-R (Family Care Counseling Checklist) and, when applicable, DA Form 5305-R (Statement of Understanding and Responsibility).   According to Army Regulations, the following applies to pregnant soldiers:
(1) Pregnant soldiers will be counseled in accordance with AR 135-91, AR 635-100, or AR 635-200. Such counseling must in-elude the specific information pertaining to the costs of maternity care obtained from civilian sources and the limitations concerning maternity care in military medical facilities.
(2) Dual-service parents of all active duty and Reserve Components shall be counseled by the Commander when one or more of the following apply-
(a) Married to a member of the Army or another Service (see paragraph g(5) below).
(b) Have joint physical and legal custody of one or more children under age 18.
(c) Have family members incapable of self-care regardless of age.
(3) Single parents of all active duty...

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