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Work Values Essay

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With increasing interaction of different nations in business practices, the importance of culture and values has come into the picture. Many researchers have worked on this topic for past few decades and the outcomes clearly advocate that every country possesses a distinct culture and values which are composed of various dimensions. In Pakistan, there are many multinational corporations doing business, and the rules of adapting to the values apply to them too. This study aims to determine the extent to which MNCs in telecom sector of Pakistan have adapted to the local values and in effect how much do they differ in values from their parent organizations. The first part of our research aims at determining the differences between the work values of the local organization and the MNCs, while the second part is a comparative study of the MNC with its parent organization.

The world today is still the same mass of rock that it has always been, but the activities on it have evolved a lot. With globalization being welcomed by all nations across the planet, the sense of living has expanded beyond borders and trade possibilities have discovered endless limits. According to KOF Index of Globalization press release in 2011, Globalization around the world has increase from almost 43% in 1980s to 62% in 2008 and is still on a rise. (KOF Swiss Economic Institute, 2011) It is the amalgamation of the economic order of the world and not the emancipation of countries from their boundaries or lowering the trade barriers or easy transportation of goods and services from one country to another. Hence, it should be understood that the individual nations still differ from each other because of their geography, language, religion and culture. (Ronen & Shenkar, 1985) With globalization paving way for international business, the differences in cultural values act as a great challenge, because the other differences (geography, language and religion) are easy to overcome or...

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