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World Essay

  • Submitted by: Punkrockrjess
  • on December 7, 2008
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In Citizen Kane’s famous speech, due to its length I was able to identify few examples of bias, fallacies, and rhetorical devices. One example I could pinpoint was that of when he proposed to speak to the lower class people and the under-paid. Kane made it seems as if Boss Jim Getty didn’t understand their needs therefore he (Kane) would make it more than a promise to take care of the lower class specifically.

The Argumentum Ad Populum Fallacy suggests that of attempting to win popular assent to a conclusion by arousing the feeling and enthusiasms of the multitude.   Therefore, we can conclude that Citizen Kane advertized his feelings towards the lower class and how the people can expect his best interests into making it better for them. There is also the Irrelevant Conclusion fallacy since Kane had predetermined his victory over the campaign without knowing if he had won. I also noticed that Kane used words like under-privileged, under-paid, and under-fed instead of poor, low-income, and hungry. These words are called Euphemisms which are words that sound more appealing to the audience and help avoid offending people.

I felt that Charles Kane made efficient arguments and counterarguments in his speech. He first starts off explaining how he had not made any promises in the beginning of his campaign because he initially did not have any hope for being elected. After finding out how the people felt about him, he felt he had more than just a chance and knows he will win the campaign. He then proceeds to state how Boss Jim Getty is the wrong candidate and the proper candidate should be himself.   He sounded passionate throughout his speech which helped captivate his audience however it lacked facts to determine why Getty should not win.   His counterargument stated how he promised to provide for the lower-class but then followed to conclude that he could not make any promises, and his only promise would be to indict Jim Getty. I believe that this was an...

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