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World Disasters Leading up to the Holocaust and Aftermath Essay

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Below is an essay on "World Disasters Leading up to the Holocaust and Aftermath" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Major World Disasters Leading Up to the Holocaust and Their Aftermath

I. The Bubonic Plague
    A. Beginnings in Mongolia - Eating Groundhogs
    B.   Spreading to Shanghai, China by Caravan?
    C.   From Shanghai to Italy (Two Sailors) and on to France and Europe - Lasting hundreds of Years
    D.   1543 - Panic Selling of 243 Deeds to Iron Ore and Coal Fields in Alsace-Lorraine

II.   The Arms of Krupp
      A. Bismarck and 1848 - The Turning Point that Did Not Turn - The Communist Manifesto
      B. Kaiser Wilhelm and World War I
            1. The Dehumanization of Adolph Hitler - Anti-Semitism and Anti-Communism
            2. Reinhard Gehlen and the German WehrKreis
      C.   Hitler and World War II
            1.   Six major mistakes Hitler made that cost him the war
                a.   Attacking England
                b.   Sinking US convoys and merchant marines
                c.   Invading the Soviet Union
                d.   Alliance with Mussolini - Diverting German Tanks to North Africa - Rommel
                e.   Not financing the V-2 Rocket Program early in the war
                f.   Persecuting the Jews - The Holocaust
          2. Hitler's Secret Plan of 1943 - Mussolini's Death - Handwriting on the Wall
                a.   Who Hitler told his SS & Gestapo Officers to Surrender to and Why
                b.   General Reinhard Gehlen - Hitler's Master Spy vs. the USSR
                c.   The Deal Gehlen made with the US CIA Chief - Allen Dulles

III. American Historical Backdrop
            A. Spies of the American Revolution
            B. Spies for the Blue and the Grey
            C. Racism in America
                a.   The American Revolution - The 3/5ths Clause of the US Constitution
                b.   John Brown - A Modern Day Samson
                c.   Abraham Lincoln and the House Divided Speech
                d.   States Rights vs. Human Rights
                e.   The Civil War and...

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