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World Englishes Essay

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Man is a social being and in that very statement Aristotle made, he reveals how it is already in man’s nature to socialize. And what is the heart of socialization? Communication. In this world in which there are multitudes of nations and variety of language, cultural diversity is inevitable. So how will we, social beings communicate if we are surrounded by things foreign to us? By tongues we know not a single word? And by different cultures that breed different people?

If our world has this much diversity, how did Joe and Maria ended up exchanging vows? How does the east and west arranged business with each other? How does friendships world wide made possible? This is because they have something in common, and that is their knowledge of the international language which we all know is—English.

I have concluded that English is that international language because it is the most common language. It is used by people to communicate with others and it is spoken by a large number of populations, also it is the language of wider communication in both global and local sense. Global in a way that it is one of the major languages of the world and local because there are native speakers of the said language. English language already have it’s own different varieties.

Imagine the wind blowing on a single tree, the seeds would be carried off to different lands. Naturally, the seeds will grow and dig it’s roots on the foreign land in which it fell. And then it will grow in the same foreign way as the same foreign people who had nurtured it. But whenever that tree maybe, it still can’t be denied that it was once also a part of a tree, only it had grown on it’s own and established itself.

The analogy is simple. English is the tree and the Englishes are the seeds. It came to foreign lands through colonization, trade and communication. Eventually, people will incorporate English with their native tongue, thus molding that English as their own. These Englishes such as...

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