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World History Essay

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  • on October 10, 2009
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“Dawn of Exploration”

The world in 1000 A.D
Europe: Politically, culturally and economically backwards.
Middle East: home to a vibrant culture centered on the faith of Islam.
China: Both large and old China was the most advanced culture of the time.

Europe (The West)
Europe was centered on the faith of Christianity.
After the fall of Rome, Europe sank into the “dark ages”.
By 1200 Europe begins to come out of the dark ages.

The Islamic World
The Middle East was united by a common faith, Islam.
The Muslims had gained wealth through trade and commerce.
The Islamic world was also home to many cultural achievements in math, science, literature and medicine.

Religion: Confucianism/Taoism/Buddhism
Government: Ruled by a powerful emperor. Chinese emperors were perhaps the wealthiest monarchs on the planet.
Achievements: China was home to many practical innovations/inventions.

Europe’s interest in the east
Reasons: After the crusades, European trade with the east increased.
Motivations:   Europeans desire luxuries form the east such as silk and spices. (Preservation for meats)
The Muslims controlled most of the trade routes.
The Europeans wanted to cut out the Muslim “middle man” out of the spice trade.
By the 1400s the Europeans began to seek an all water route to Asia.

Early Exploration
Portugal leads the way in European exploration.
The Portuguese were good seafarers who used the best equipment.

Portuguese Exploration
Bartolome Dias: In 1448 Dias sailed around Africa to the Indian ocean.
Vasco de Gama: in 1497 de Gama discovers the first all water route to asia by sailing to India.

Spanish Voyage
Christopher Columbus sought a western voyage to India.
In 1412 Columbus sailed the west oceans across the Atlantic to find Asia.
He accidentally bumps into Americas.
Amerigo Vespucci: Cartographer that coined the phrase “New World” (1504)
Nunez de Balboa: Spanish adventurer who explores panama and...

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