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World War 2 Nursing Essay

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Nursing in World War II

Matthew M Schwebel

Chaffey College

Nursing in World War II was a pivotal role that changed the history of nursing. Nurses were finally accredited this time as the profession exploded to solve the nursing shortage in the military. As now most nurses were women same as today with much less male workers, as the profession continues to change more male are willing to help, this war is where nursing became quite popular.   World war II really showed us how prepared we really were, with medical units and soldiers.
World War II was one of the most if not the most violent battle to this day; it was a war fought in the seas, on land, and in the air for about six years, accumulating millions of wounded that needed medical attention.   The Army Nurse Corps listed fewer than 1,000 nurses on December, 7 1941, Pearl Harbor (Bellafaire, 2003).   But yet only 83 were stationed in 3 hospitals in Hawaii, calling for a crisis. Materials and supplies were gone within hours leaving the team of nurses to improvise, running out of suture material, and sterile supplies. Doctors performing major surgery passed scissors back and forth from one table to another, also using cleaning rags as face masks and operated without gloves, welcoming bacteria.  
No matter where in the war, hospitals and staff were getting worked to the bone. Every week the number of patients in each hospital was increasing as the amount of supplies decreased, lack of food, water and the right medical supplies, troops were susceptible to malaria, dysentery, beriberi, with an increasing number of malnutrition cases, hospitals that were built to house a thousand patients had four to five times the original capacity.
Only 6 months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the army had upped its nurses to 12,000, many of which had no military experience what so ever and many of them disregarded the way the army went about things. Until July 1943 where the army general authorized a formal 4 week...

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