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Wrecked Analysis

  • Submitted by: jadethespade
  • on December 4, 2011
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‘Wrecked’ Analysis

Cause Effect

1. Main character grabs the wheal While he is hostage. The car crashes, others die and he gets stuck.

2. The crash. Memory loss.

3. Not getting attacked and eaten. Giving a dead body to a wild cat.

In the film ‘Wrecked’ the audience is in the same condition as the character because we don’t know anything about the character, how he has got into the state he is in and why. Both the audience and the character gets little messages on who he could be but we aren’t sure because of this both roles start piecing the bit together and making their own interruption of who he could be and what could have gotten him here, no one find out who is really is and what happened until the very end of the film. The Story is about a man who awakens in a car at the bottom of a steep cliff with no idea who he is or how he got there. With his leg stuck and no way of escape he has to use his basic human instincts to stay alive. As the film progresses we get information on who he could be but we don’t find out the truth until the end, this way viewers will want to watch it all to find out if he is a bad or good guy.

The only way to stay alive is to use anything around him that will help, the first thing he does is use the car ash tray to collect rain water to drink, another one is tying his broken leg up to prevent further injury and another is using the dead passengers coat to keep warm at night, he does all this to increase his chances of survival. Memory loss is the main aspect of this film, they are a few things that show that he has memory loss.

e.g.; There are many cause and effects and the main one we don’t find out until the end witch is the car crash, we find out that he was actually innocent, the flashbacks used throughout the film were there to help us try and figure out what is going on, not giving all the story in one go makes the audience wants to keep watching to find out if there prediction is right or wrong.


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