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what is writing Essay

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  • on July 13, 2008
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Writing is a way that people communicate with each other. People used writing since ancient times to record, communicate and express their selves. We write because we are responding to something. While writing feels like a separating, individual act in fact it is really a social act, a way in which we can respond to the people and the world around us. Writing always happens in a exact, often given background. We are not just writing, we are always writing to an audience for some particular purpose.
Our writing is always controlled by a particular background. When we write, we do so because we want, need, or have been required to create a permanent gap for someone to receive and react to our ideas. The writing context requires writers to have a sense of the reader's expectations and an awareness of appropriate conventions for a particular piece of writing.
In order to communicate reasonably and effectively, we need to order our words and ideas up on the page in ways that make sense to a reader. We assume that if a person "has ideas," putting them on the page is a simple matter of recording them, when, in fact, the process is usually more complicated. As we've all experienced, when we have ideas, they do not necessarily come immediately in a linear form. We may have a distribution of linked ideas, a feeling that something feels true, or some other sense that an idea is right before we have worked out exactly how the idea works. Seeing, creating, and exploring the relationship between ideas come through both language and the process of arranging the ideas for a reader that is writing. So not only does a writer need to have ideas, but the writer has to put them in linear form, to write them for a reader in order for them to be significant or to communicate.
People have different type of writings, some use simple word some more complex.
From my experience student my age do not like writing that much, Because we do not read that much and use everyday words instead...

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