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Writing Wrongs Essay

  • Submitted by: 3alej
  • on December 4, 2011
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Writing Wrongs

“Eyes on your own paper!” “You will have one hour to write your essay!” “If your cell phone goes off, your test will be voided.” “Proof-read your work, and remember, STAY ON TOPIC!” The test administrator sat back down at her desk.   As I wiped the sweat from my forehead and placed my No.2 pencil to the paper, I somehow managed to forget every writing technique I was ever taught. Suddenly I could hear the slow ticking sound the clock made, and my neighbor chewing her gum. Out of nowhere the test administer shouted “Pencils down, Time’s up!” My heart sank.  
Writing had not always been a dreaded task. I can remember when I used to write in a journal everyday. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized how complicated writing had become. Now I had to worry about subject-verb agreement and thesis statements. Oh how I miss the days of writing my R’s backwards and it being labeled as juvenile and adorable. Now I have to follow formats down to the letter or my teacher won’t even grade my paper. In elementary school writing was easy and enjoyable, but in high school writing was all about rules. When did it all get so complicated?
I can recall being in high school and anxiously awaiting my English literature class. I was top of my class; this made me a tutor for those who needed help. Since I was in an honors class and I assumed that AP or advanced placement was the next step for me but when I attended those classes I noticed how ill prepared I was. I was unable to measure up to the standards of the class. That experience allowed me to look at my high school career from more of an objective viewpoint. I reviewed my past writing pieces and those of some of my peers and realized my work was only good in relation to those around me. Yes, I had appropriate grammar structure, and a clearly stated main claim, but my thoughts were all scattered causing many of my ideas to be redundant. Were my teachers just passing me along in hopes that my writing...

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