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Writting Essay

  • Submitted by: mandi1200
  • on December 4, 2011
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Language both reflects and shapes the perceptions of its users
I believe that language does shape and reflect how we perceive people. I will explain some reasons why I think that throughout this essay. I think that language holds a huge key on how we perceive people. It’s not in the words themselves but in the way we use them and our actions behind them.
Affiliation is the first reason, how this tends to change the way we talk and how people perceive us. If we are from the North and we hang out with all of our friends at college that are from the South. We tend to change the words and tone of our voice to mimic theirs, either so we can fit in or even be accepted. This could make a sudden difference in the way we talk, the words we use and how many pauses we take.
Power is another thing that shapes who we are. Not power as in money or authority, but the tone of voice we choose to use. If a quite meek girl says something people tend to not listen. If a loud person tends to says something we all will listen, even if we don’t want too. We choose to have a powerful tone with our children and not with our bosses. This is another way language shapes who we are.
Responsibility is the third reason. If we always talk in a blaming manner, people seem to see us as offensive and rude. If we take responsibility for ourselves in our conversations people tend to see us as a kind and confident person. Taking responsibility is holding an “I” conversation rather than a “you” conversation. If we start the conversation off saying “you’re the reason why ___ is happing.” We are blaming someone else and claiming no responsibility for our feelings. That conversation will probably come to huge misinterpretation. If we start the conversation with “I feel that we should to do ____ to fix what is happing.” Than we have claimed responsibility for our feelings in what is happening and the other person tends to listen without defending.
Gender is another reason that the way we perceive...

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