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Ww2 Essay

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World War 2 was the result of unsolved problems from WW1. World War 2 took place between the years of 1939-1945 and turned out to be the deadliest war in history and led to many new war strategies.World War 2 was a conflict between many nations of the world organized into two groups the Allies and the Axis powers. Much of the war took place in Europe.

The causes of the war included rise of dictatorship,failure of peace treaties,imperialism and invasions of countries. The rise in dicatorship came from the depression in european countries and countries dissatisfied with the Peace of Paris and the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler,Mussolini and Stalin were the main dictators. These men took control of their country and were hungry for more power and territory. This led to the invasion of Poland and this is when France and Poland declared war.Nazis kept conquering European nations.Nazis had invaded Denmark and Norway.Another beginning of the war was the Battle of Britain,this was an air battle between the German airforce,the Luftwaffe, and the British air force. Britain defeated Hitlers plan of invasion which led to the invasion of the USSR. This plan was called Operation Barborosa. This invasion also brought the USSR into the war.

The major turning points of the war were the Battle of Britain, Operation Baborosa, Stalingrad, D-Day,and the Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of Britain was so important because it was the first Allied victory and proved Britain was strong enough to keep fighting.If Hiltler won this battle he most likely would have won the war.   Operatoion Barborossa was a failure for the Germans and it opened up the Eastern front. After this battle the Germans kept being defeated. After operation barbarossa had failed the Germans were also defeated at stalingrad.In this battle Germans suffered heavy personnel and material losses. This was the turning point onthe eastern front.

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