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The Year 2009 Essay

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The year 2009

Many people ask themselves what 2009 can bring with. It becomes a time to look in the future. Financially, health related and also politically can happen in 2009 a lot. In my opinion to be an optimist is the best way to be successful. Unfortunately there are some people who do not think so, so there will always be wars between two or more countries. They will never learn that war is the wrong solution for a problem. A balanced diet should be important for a lot of people because more and more humans feed themselves wrong. I hope that the banking crisis will have an end. There is a big lack of trust in the financial system. It is also a year for a new president in the US. May the rest of the world will have a new image of the US. Slovakia adopts the euro and becomes the 16th member of the Eurozone. Vilnius and Linz become the European Capitals of Culture this year. January the 15th of 2009 a US plane ditches in the Hudson River of Manhattan. This year will also be the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 250th anniversary of the birth of Schiller an important poet.   The Nobel prizes are to be announced again this year and the Oscar as well.
The most important think for me in this year is my graduation. It has a special reason why it is so important to me. It is my second try and because of this I have to manage it this time. After my graduation I start an education as a nurse because it must be a good feeling to help people and to save some of their lives. I can also study medicine to become a doctor but I think to be a doctor is very hard and difficult. You need strong nerves for this job, because you have a big responsibility toward a patient. Or what also interest me is to study management. It must be very interesting to lead a company on your own. This decision will be in September or October of the year 2009.

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