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As you like it - representation of love Essay

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  • on December 11, 2008
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What do you find interesting about Shakespeare’s representation of   different types of love in “As you like it”?

William Shakespeare paints the trials and tribulations of Rosalind and Orlando on the brooding canvas of the court and a jovial one of the country. Rosalind and Orlando two ardent lovers segregated in the realms of the comedy which is characterised by mistaken identities, deceptions and transformations.   There is a wide spectrum of the representations of love in “As you like it” the portrayal of true and unconditional love felt between Rosalind and Orlando juxtaposed to the lusty and physical infatuation shared by Touchstone and Audrey. Shakespeare provides the characters with the opportunity to articulate their personal and   philosophical sentiment about the subject, expressing views about the different types of love experienced not only by the characters, but also in life in general.
    Rosalind and Orlando have a romantic love adorned between them which is initially represented similarly to the situation of Romeo and Juliet the circumstances of two families ostracised by an ancient vendetta   producing two star-crossed lovers. Rosalind is bound by her usurping uncle who detests Orlando’s   father.
“My father’s rough and envious disposition,
sticks me at heart.”
This suggests that   the progression of Rosalind’s love with Orlando seems initially unattainable. At the preliminary acquaintance with Orlando she presents him with her necklace as a symbol of support and a cue to court her.   Orlando remains tongue-tied   at this gesture which portrays his requited feelings towards her. The way in which they meet and fall in love is traditional, Rosalind is won over by Orlando's manly labours and good looks at his wrestling match , and performs her feminine obligation of mercy by trying to dissuade him from what appears to be such a disastrous venture. It is true love at first sight, another traditional feature of such a romance. Celia believes...

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