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Zeitgeist As A Documentary A+ Paper

  • Submitted by: magicbologna
  • on December 15, 2008
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The truth is conformity with fact or reality. It is accuracy, as of position or adjustment. It is also the idea of actuality or actual existence or something, or an idea. Random House dictionary alone has twelve definitions for the word Truth! In truth, there are so many opinions on what the word truth means, or what the truth might be; that it would almost seem a rather inefficient task to seek it out. It could be inefficient, but perhaps necessary.

Many would postulate when asked the question, "What is a documentary?", simply that is tells the truth. As evidenced in class, this was a simple and common answer. I would argue that truth, while probably seen as a list worthy component in the idea of a documentary film, is in actuality entirely subjective when it comes to the genre. A film is made and enters the market place. That is it. The creators decide what to show and all fact checking is done after the producer(s) has already given it their ok and sent it off.

The Zeitgeist series is no different from any other documentary where these ideas are concerned. An interesting difference is the gigantic scale of its importance, if it is to be believed, as well as the production process itself. The films were created largely by one person, Peter Joseph and distributed over the internet freely with a range that is probably unparalleled. Millions of people have watched the first part online at this point since it's release last year. The second movie Zeitgeist: Addendum was put up on google video this October and is spreading fast.

The "Zeitgeist Movement" as it's called is clearly a part of the director's vision, as well as its own separate website, so I think it's worth discussing as part of the film itself. This is a movie where as an audience member, we are urged to act. Not even to a large extent, but to simply get up and think. To help spread the message and talk to friends if you believe in it, and of course to donate to the "Venus Project" if you feel so...

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