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Zinn Chapter 25 Essay

  • Submitted by: teeshot013
  • on December 5, 2011
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Matt Turner
Zinn Response
Chapter 25 of A People’s History of the United States talks about one of the greatest tragedy’s in our nation’s history. On September 11 2001 three hijacked planes were flown into the twin towers of New York City and into one side of the Pentagon in Washington D.C.   This catastrophic event sent all other problems into the background, as Americans watched the horror of the towers collapse on their television screens.
“This event was done by 19 Middle Eastern men who were willing to take their own lives just send a message to a nation that saw themselves as invulnerable” (Zinn 678). As the dust settled after the event, with millions of Americans crowding the street and watching at home wondered about friends and family just hoping they would see them again.
Recently elected President Bush took matters into his own hands and immediately announced a war on terrorism. At the time with the events of 9/11 still fresh in our minds, fighting back seemed like the only solution. The only problem was we had no idea how long it was going to last. Here we are in 2011 and after thousands of lives lost and the same amount of families torn apart, at this point all we want is the soldiers to be brought home. Even though the President was trying to send the message that we weren’t just going to lie down, enough should be enough when thousands of Americans lose their lives and the country loses billions of dollars. With Holliday’s approaching, Americans really need to stop and think about what we truly are thankful for.   Most people will just say friends and family but they know we love them, this year we need to show the soldiers and their families how much their sacrifices mean to us and how this country wouldn’t be the same without them. To the families for allowing their sons and daughters to go defend our country knowing they may never see them again, and also to the soldiers both departed and still with us for their services...

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